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The featured domain is bundled with similar domains. The bundle package includes,,, and Similar to real estate, domains are appreciating assets. Domains are online real estate! Recently, the online listing service for real estate, Zoopla specializing just in the UK (one country in Europe) accepted a bid of $3B! The opportunity is rare to own the complete bundle of domains listed. Real estate in Europe is a great market to capitalize online, since countries inside it are so close together. Real estate agencies and buyers often overlap within Europe. The additional domains in the Europe Estates package may be utilized for email security and privacy, domain and brand protection, as well as advertising and marketing campaign purposes. The first impression of Europe Estates is memorable and credible within its market making it scalable to advertise, whether it’s traditional billboards, magazines, or online advertising. Its alliteration, elegant nature, and intrinsic value make the brand and domain package the best in its market. Considered offers will be in the 6 to 7 figure range.The domains are available for purchase, financing, lease, or a lease-to-buy program. Any questions (partnering, private sale, escrow, payment methods, etc.), you're welcome to contact me.

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